Insight into prospective business partners clients and key employees

Enhanced due diligence

Insight into prospective business partners, clients and key employees

Concise, robust and thorough

Whether it is for regulatory, reputational or integrity purposes, one of our senior experts will manage your case from beginning to end. We take the time to understand what you need from the intelligence provided and work with our extensive worldwide network of resources in established, emerging and complex markets.

Areas where we can assist you

Third party representatives
Third party representatives and overseas agents can be risky business, especially in politically volatile or emerging markets. Our enhanced due diligence research on such counter parties provides insight and helps mitigate against bribery and corruption risks, while ensuring you comply with your regulatory requirements.
Business partners & Joint ventures
Entering into business partnerships and joint ventures can entail heightened commercial risk. Our work provides added insight where required. We verify beneficial ownership, business activities, capabilities and integrity of counter parties to help you safeguard your hard-won reputation.
Potential acquisitions
We provide the intelligence required to make potential acquisitions a success. Our research sheds light on areas of uncertainty and provides assurance against hidden risk or liabilities. The flexibility of our methodologies means we can focus in-depth on the issues of most concern to you. We help you to make an informed decision, protect your investment and safeguard your reputation.
KYC and AML screening
Our graduated screening services allow you to fulfil your regulatory obligation with confidence. From lower level sanctions reviews to in-depth enhanced due diligence in all global markets. From one-off checks to bulk reviews of customers, vendors and other parties.

We can provide you with the enhanced due diligence required under these circumstances to ensure that you have carried out your regulatory requirements.
Pre-employment screening
Getting recruitment wrong can be costly. Our discreet pre-employment screening ensures you employ the right people at senior levels to drive your business. Our experience is that 10% of CVs have material and deliberate inaccuracies. So we check to make sure applicants are who they say they are, have not fabricated educational or career details and verify their reputation.

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