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Anti-bribery and corruption (ABC) review: Spring 2016

Anti-bribery and corruption (ABC) review: Spring 2016

Anti-bribery and corruption (ABC) review: Spring 2016

"Our attitude towards corruption in all its forms is simple: it is one of zero tolerance. I know that we operate in challenging commercial environments and in cultures where corruption can be widespread. This can never be an excuse". So wrote Andrew Witty, the CEO of GlaxoSmithKline in that pharmaceutical firm's anti-bribery and corruption handbook in 2010...

Arguably GSK had compliance protocols and procedures in place to prohibit and prevent bribery and corruption involving its staff and agents, but clearly those processes failed...Here we will discuss what the implications are in legal, financial and reputational terms when ABC policies are not considered, not implemented, or fail. But first, what are the anti-bribery or corruption laws and where in the world do they apply?

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